Fame is your driver

So after a time out from my music photography I got in touch with my dear friend Vix perks who was getting ready to film her new music video for her new all girl band ViX & her MsChiefs. I asked if I could come and take some photos for her, as I have worked with Vix in the past I know exactly how she works and what she likes. So I arrive on Saturday morning ready all to go, just have to wait for the girls to finish hair and make up. As soon as they came down we began a full fun day of shooting! Fame is your driver was the song and it features Vix and her band and some other auditionees at a talent contest! 

here are a few fun shots from the day cant wait to see the finished video


Isle Of wight

I had recently visited the  Isle of wight after being unwell with the aim of recovering before I went back to work. I was looking forward to capturing the Colwell bay sunsets i had grown up admiring. I waited patiently and was rewarded so i dressed warmly and headed to the beach with my tripod. I decided I wanted to shoot from the sea so waded in up to my chest and set my tripod just above the level of the water.

I had some hilarious looks from locals and even spotted a few people taking some awful photos of me! but i did not let it stop me from what i had planned, to take some colorful slow shutter shots as the sun went down. Over 3 days i did this and I was happy with the results and finished each nigh at Long beach bar with a nice double shot to warm myself up again. I am now looking forward to my next attempts next summer!

I always love my visits to Colwell as my Mums ashes are scattered there so I always feel like I am visiting her. My parents first took me to Colwell when i was only a few months old and over the years of visits now myself and my husband both really love it there. We love the peace and quiet and calmness that surrounds the island, I love nothing more than driving from freshwater to Ventnor along the cliff road its the first thing I do each time I visit.