Vix Perks - Fuzzbox
Jenny is fab! I have been fortunate to know her for over a decade now and have worked closely on all sorts of shoots for me including pinup style, live band shots, community music projects and my wedding! She puts everybody at ease and is totally professional. I couldn’t recommend Jenny enough! She is lovely! 🌷
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MeMe Detroit
Jen is an absolute legend of a photographer. She really knows her craft and the results are always spectacular. 
Whether it’s for live music, weddings, portraits or portfolio shots, Jen will always cater to your needs as well as offering expertise and a skilled eye into getting the best results. The Isle of Wight has gained an outstanding photographer!
Neil Murdoch - Blue Nation
Jenn is an incredible photographer. She makes you feel so relaxed on a shoot it really is an enjoyable experience. I couldn’t recommend Jenn enough. You won’t be disappointed, trust me.
Chris Croft - Drummer, SInger Songwriter & Producer
Jenny is simply amazing! My best shots ever were done by her.